As a FemiKnowlogist™, Christine practices what she preaches. She lives as the quintessential homemaker with 21st century savvy, a practical home economist with business expertise and techno-skills. Relying on universal and spiritual principals, she successfully demonstrates what it takes to move from chaos to peaceful living on a daily basis. Today she is recognized as a woman who is “living the dream”.

 The Founder and President of Institute for FemiKnowlogy, Christine is an active blogger, speaker, author, and FemiKnowlogist™ who is determined to deliver FemiKnowlogy – Know-How for the 21st century Female™ – to females who are determined achieve their personal vision of success.  

Christine defines Know-How as “Grandma’s wisdom updated with 21st century savvy”. For instance, “egg money” is now a 401K or mutual fund, but the principle “live within your means” transends time.

Christine shares her unique FemiKnowlogy™ through her blog and speaking engagements with women of all ages and walks of life just as she has from her kitchen table for over 30 years.


One Response to “About”

  1. Debbie Boettner Says:

    So good to meet you the other day. Hope your travels home were safe. Love reading your blog…we have much more to talk about on your next visit.

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