Catch-release-catch program

March 10, 2009


Now you may think that just because there was snow on your roof this morning, Portland, that spring is a ways off. Take heart. Spring is very near!

The very fact that I have had to commence with my “catch-release-catch” program this week tells me spring is at hand, just around the corner in fact.

Being a FemiKnowlogist, I am not one to upset nature’s balance. So when I found the tell-tell droppings under my kitchen sink last week, I pulled out my trusty Victor Live Mouse Traps.

Once upon a time I used your run-of-the mill spring loaded mouse trap. But if you have ever had to dispose of the capture from one of those contraptions you will understand why I discontinued their use.

With the live traps I just pop a peanut into each trap and set them near where I found droppings. Since we are early in the season I find I have to check them twice a day. I usually check them around 9:00pm and again in the morning before I leave for work. Sometimes the smaller mice are able to get in, steal the peanut, and get out without tripping the trap, but the larger ones are captured every time.

Our house is the next to the last house on the block then there is a large field with a water shed area at the end. This is where I release the little buggers.

These critters are not as timid as you might think. I have had them make a quick u-turn upon exiting the trap and run between my feet in an effort to hide under my shoes. This, of course, produces a loud ”eeek!” from me, followed by an amazing acrobatic feat.

On one occasion the creature executed it’s u-turn, made a mad dash out of the field and across the paved street…did I mention there is a very large, very old oak tree hosting a family of harrier hawks on the other side of the field? h0e2ycagnsae1cas3otc9carn55nacalgffzbca6k1ajacap4i1okcamb5wudcalk0w6lca1v0r5lcaldyllgcai62f43cafcrgfgcalwkc4uca5zkh0ocag2gh8uca287ghccadd6swfcafubaasca0d2oyr

Hence the name, catch – release – catch program. And the circle of life continues…


2 Responses to “Catch-release-catch program”

  1. Ree Ann Says:

    You make me laugh out loud!!!!!

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