“On the journey of life, March Like a Penguin”.

March 9, 2009

Walk like a Penguin

How to walk like a penguin

  •  March in groups, with like-minded, for support, safety, and protection from the elements
  • It matters little how you get there – you may walk or toboggan on your belly
  • However you choose to get there, you are responsible for the progress of your own journey
  • Do not impede the progress of others


To those who are alone

To those who are on this same journey

To those who are like-minded

To those who are tired of finding themselves flat on the floor

To those who sit quietly by, shackled by fear

To those who have never-give-up determination

To those who understand two heads are better than one and a cord of three strands is not easily broken

To those who want to put down the cardboard sign, get out of line, turn off the cell phone

To those who want to enjoy a bit of peace of mind

To those who just aren’t quite sure how to get out of the way of bully/predators

To those who want to March Like a Penguin


Hello, I am Countess Culture Vulture…



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